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Aeration was Lin Dan naughty to be national youth team a salute to change destiny
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Topics :Most female fans are in the field, addicted to Lin Dan, domineering style, strong body, shape of pure man ... ... " Man ." Lin Dan has a lot of stories, with the coach and teammates with conflict, fall in love, but little-known is, when Lin Dan wa

Most female fans are in the stadium a crush on Lin Dan, aggressive style, strong body, pure man's appearance ... ... " Man" Lin Dan has quite a story, with the coach and teammates conflict, fall in love, but little-known is, when Lin Dan was a boy, my mother once he took the girls like to raise, Lin Dan long hair, sometimes with red cheeks, and Lin Dan was very naughty. Many.

Long hair red face in childhood

In October 14, 1983, Lin Dan in Fujian, Longyan Shanghang which has put in a lot of general town was born. The name " Dan" is also the father for the loan of North Shaanxi revolutionary general Liu Zhidan's name, mother Gao Xiuyu in pregnancy when they think good, both male and female, named" Lin Dan".

The Lin Dan family again common however, father Lin Jianxin is a bus driver, mother Gao Xiuyu is the pharmaceutical company employees, are ordinary workers. From Lin Dan is very active, still the primary school, Lin Dan suddenly on the father's interest in mechanical watches, that time has not reached ten years old he was secretly, Dad's watch apart, their own research later reassembled on. " He was very clever, he was able to watch on." " Smart" mother Lin Dan described Lin Dan childhood is the most frequently used words.

Perhaps because the name" Dan" word, my mother likes to Lin Dan long hair, sometimes with red cheeks, he took the girl to raise. On century eighty time coincides with the upsurge of home electronic organ, cruel to spend two hundred dollars to buy a" Casio" electronic organ to Wang Dan. But he just on the keyboard to move a finger, will not sit long stood around, only experienced a week, never touched.

But Lin Dan likes to go to court, he likes to play table tennis 's father and mother love playing basketball, he likes to bounce to pick up the ball fly out of the field. When he first saw being amateur badminton training little friend, he could not walk away.

Because losing snivel.

In order to give the child 's active for a chance to release, his parents sent him to the amateur training classes, in that year Lin Dan was only five years old. Lin Dan was born to badminton. Although amateur classes, although there is a minimal one, but he has been training but never slack off, many parents because distressed children chose to give up, but Lin Dan suffered a little bitter, never had anything to do with the home.

1991, province badminton team coach Zhang Qingsong to the selection of Shanghang Badminton Reserve talents, he took a fancy to Lin Dan. Lin Jianxin and his wife do not agree. One year later, at the age of 9, Lin Dan had learned to ride a bike, life also learn self-care. The parents decided to send their children to the provincial sports school. At that time in the provincial sports school and Lin Dan the youngest, stature is not high, but soon established himself as one of the best. Over the same period of training children parents saw coach Lin Dan always boast, they blame their children don't work hard, but the coach gives the answer but the parents are very helpless:" not your children don't work, Lin Dan is too good."

But as tall or short, province sports team to choose which school, Lin Dan was defeated. Until the second half of 1995, Lin Dan was finally hit eight one Nanjing military base on Badminton team. In this way, only one meter tall happy Lin Dan was recruited into the eight one brigade, 12 came to Fuzhou, and became a" soldier".

" Lin Dan is a born basketball training to play the material, is his greatest pleasure." This is Lin Dan's coach at the time of his evaluation of the Gao Lu river. Just arrived in force, Lin Dan is mischievous, sometimes with the coach to leave secretly went out to buy things, but the team never worry cannot hold the child. Other kids training felt very happy, but Lin Dan is just the opposite, as long as the penalty he didn't allow his training, he will feel uncomfortable. But don't see Lin Dan now bloody full, then in the army but also because of lost and crying.

Because the naughty to be national youth team

In 1998 Lin Dan participated in the national youth competition in Chengdu, final final win to win the championship. After the celebration of Lin Dan and a companion game to eat peppers, but suffered a crushing defeat, also eat the acute gastroenteritis, finally moved the operation to cure.

After Lin Dan entered the national youth team, but has no physical advantage here he felt the gap. In 1999, Lin Dan attended the Burma Yaqing Sai, that also serves as the mixed doubles his mental outlook is not good, no spirit. Plus small for his age, in the team is very naughty, came back to his youth team punishment, by name back on the eight one team. This became the Lin Dan grew up in the biggest blow, Lin Dan said:" at the time was like, starting from 6 years old to practice a ball game, really hard, have paid a lot, not eat one day, one day does not play really bad. I like badminton, because there is no need for such a blow up. Just keep telling yourself that I also wanted to fight, I'll fight, afraid of being able to return to the youth team. Many people in this ring is not handled properly, will retire from the youth team."

Back to the eight one team, Lin Dan once lose confidence. Because at that time from the province to the national team 's personnel is not much, once were sent back, it is difficult to have a chance to go back. However, for badminton natural liking or to cheer him up.

An England youth team to visit Fuzhou, with the eight one team, Lin Dan struggled to fight under the three Bureau until the cramp did not give up; after the Xiamen International Invitational, Lin Dan won a national team of Guo Jianhua, the runner-up, all this was the national team coach in the eyes. He returned to the youth national team, although only for training, but it gave Lin Dan a great encouragement. In the wake of the China open, although missed the final eight, but in Denmark and the game players and indomitable spirit once again conquered the national team coach, Lin Dan also became the national youth team officially a member of.

A salute to impress Li Yongbo

In twenty-first Century, Lin Dan's fortunes changed.

At the beginning of 2000, he was promoted to the two national teams, and in the same year won the men's singles championship Yaqing sai. In 2001, the International Badminton Federation on seven points, to attack known Lin Dan in adult court quickly became famous, has won the Danish open silver, England, Korea open gold medal bronze medal match. In 2003 nine games, only 18 years old he road reached the finals, the face stands in a standard military salute, moved all the audience. While the national badminton team head coach Li Yongbo in the bleachers -- immediately, Lin Dan break from three teams directly into a team, it was from that time, Lin Dan has his own signature moves. Childhood personality Lin Dan love after victory release their passion. Bowed to the audience, do the court ceremony thanking fans, these he had tried, but from nine games started, Lin Dan had the one and only celebrations -- salute salute.

In August 22, 2002, less than 19 year-old Lin Dan has appeared on the spot in the world rankings, despite maintaining time only a week. Since then, Lin Dan has become a new generation of Chinese badminton team leader. By 2004, to participate in the 6 station open, won 5 titles in 1 Xiang Yajun. The 2004 British Open, and the Danish great soldier Gaede staged a wonderful game, Lin Dan had previously maintained for 6 months without losing records. The GED advantage conditions, Lin Dan broke out, he used sharp attack and a landing point defeat GED, won the men's singles champion, IBF : Official site called Lin Dan a" SUPERDAN" ( super Dan ). While the Danes Lin Dan new nickname also proved that the country feather" Lin Dan era" is coming.

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